Monday, April 6, 2009

FriendFeed 2.0

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The now web just got more interesting …

Friendfeed now has a more intuitive UI. Lists became filters. Direct messages were introduced …The core concepts have evolved.

The most interesting thing is the real-time update. This will probably be copied by Twitter.

 filters mainscreen

Homework project: open Twitter and new friendfeed next to each other. Compare how they act. Twitter feels old and dead.

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Beta still not open for me yet. - Brian Daniel Eisenberg

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You might change your mind once twitscoop v2 is out, Robert... - twitscoop

twitscoop: let me know when that's out. - Robert Scoble

I love it. Everyone is complaining that friendfeed is going too fast. Welcome to my world! Now, learn to use lists!

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yea not sure about this.. it's basically "real time view" with a better UI - andy brudtkuhl

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Your green aura frightens me, Mr.Grinch. - Terence Washington

As I'm one who thinks the quality of interaction went down when lists were added, being forced to make more lists doesn't seem a positive. - Todd Hoff

The new friendfeed is now up at

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woah this is fast... - Zee.

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it shouldn't be like real time ... and the style is not good too ... - ViVaVida

what as the big fuss about? its good, but not "great"! and plenty of beta issues - like the offscreen updates shifting text you are reading "onscreen"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @scobelizer, is there an underhanded deal going on that we don't know about... you're note usually *this* pawny about the hype! - simran

Tips for Real Time Web working on new friendfeed -

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This is neat and all, but the comments are still hard as f**k to read since they're #737373, I mean, c'mon! #990000 at least. Sheesh. - Enrique Gutierrez

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I also agree with Enrique. I also don't like the text I'm reading to jump out from under me. - Howard Keziah

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